2.5 HOURS of Live Chess for Sleep ♔ ASMR (with rapping…)

2.5 full hours of uninterrupted chess relaxation.
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  1. im coming into this vid to hear asmrchess rap, i sincerely hope i can stay awake long enough to hear 🙂

  2. Briliant vid as always. just a question that kept me up. at 41:34 why move the knight back to E5 and not capture the bishop at H6 ? both moves defend F7, but you get what seems to me a free capture.

  3. I usually watch your videos to fall asleep but I ended up watching the first game during dinner. I think there was a cool sacrifice on f2 with the knight instead of defending your knight with the bishop. Love the videos man keep it up

  4. The whispering is top tier in this one 😴

  5. You are so underrated you’re amazing 🙂 chess god

  6. Am i the only one who likes whispers more than soft speaks?

  7. The dark screen is good, our eyes adjust naturally.

  8. I usually watch ASMR in the dark before bed, so the dark chessboard was perfect for me. Helped to make sure that my screen wasn’t too bright. Thanks for that!

  9. Sir, i Love what you do it became a tradition to listen to your soothing voice and creative mind.
    maybe we are allowed to give you feed back about what you do and as a big Consumer of you context there cetain things that realy gets you out of the relaxation or sleepness like: seddenly in the middle of a realy interesting match ''the pieces start to talk to each other'' the vibe changes, the tone changes and it take me completley out to an aktive atmosphare, especiall if it takes like 30 seconds or more, my braind would be like ''why what? i was in that slow soothing voice explenation lost in chess then BOOM conversation with so much diefferent Energy it takes out the ZEN Experience.
    2- anoher example in this video at the beginning ''Night P D 7, Night P D 7''.. okay got it it sort of rhymes and catchy..but then you keep saying it with a rythem that was again so active and ''playfull'' if you will .. it takes you Out of Relaxation in a snap.
    3- also at 19:00…. what happened there? fron SHEER CALMNESS to RAP? this was waaaaay to powerful this was the Last Srtow that made me write this.

    I adore your Videos please dont get me wong. i dont know if anybody else feels that way it like me but i would appreciate it if you would look into it.

  10. Spitting some mad bars my man 🫡🫡🫡

  11. I really like the idea of lights off/low light. However, it is a bit difficult to see the black pieces when at the lowest brightness on my phone. Maybe an in between using warm and easy-on-the-eyes colors would be good if possible.

    This is very relaxing in its own right though. I can still tell where everything goes and it’s super sleep friendly.

    Also loving the asmr sounds/word repetition!

    Edit: after seeing the lighting change after around the first hour, I think the dark is great!

  12. the get rich or die trying references with ASMR chess are things I was not expecting to overlap in my lifetime

  13. first bars were from patiently waiting by 50 cent one of my favorite song of his. thumbs up for that.

  14. Underrated rap skill. Super impressive.

  15. my day brightens every time i see a new upload from you 🙂 the audio and visuals are absolutely insane and i’m so grateful for u — thank you 🩷

  16. Your musings in the video made me think – do grandmasters actually enjoy chess? I love the game but if I did it as a job at the highest level I would despise it I think.

  17. Asmr chess I need your help! I LOVE your sicilian dragon and Budapest defense videos – my (still low) rating is steadily rising and I feel so confident playing as black, but I can't find a consistent opening I like with white! Maybe a video on a good opening for low elo players (I am aware there are lots) would be great

  18. didn't know you were a rap fan. I had read the video's title but got very surprised when I heard 'i am patently waiting for an opponent to explode on". I've been listening to this 50 cent song a lot recently. Big fan of the whisper and when you tell stories making pieces talk.

  19. Some day I will get one of those boards 😢

  20. Do you happen to have a set with stone pieces in this old school, statue esque style?
    I think it could be an awesome fit for historical gamea (another greco video maybe? 😊)
    Love the videos as always❤

  21. I really love the darker look! It makes it feel way comfier

  22. Did you miss that you could have taken the rook on e1 with your octopus knight in the first game? Or was that an intentional choice?

  23. This is the the best ASMR video you’ve made. The mics are perfect

  24. New asmr chess vids are my reason for living

  25. For some reason a soon as the video started and you clicked that button, i was just feeling kind of happy. You are just so relaxing and nice, i love it!
    And i absolutely love the lighting! 😃

  26. Love the new lighting.
    Also, whisper videos are my favorite!

  27. A relaxing breath chessmr, … chesss. Seriously dude your accent is so relaxing and if you did normal asmr and I came across it then I would listen to it aswell as Gibi. Your asmr is so great i interchangeable listen to it with the biggest asmr creator on the platform. Keep up the great work.

  28. Goodness the whispering when you were doing the housekeeping almost put me in a coma

  29. After the immortal series, these long online chess videos are the next best. Time for a snooze 💤

  30. I like the red and blue lights, makes me think its 3d

  31. you must be a seer, you post your videos just when i need them. Thanks for your effort!💚

  32. I'm commenting like I've seen the whole video even though it was uploaded 8 minutes ago. GREAT VID!

  33. 72 views and 101K likes? Youtube fix your app

  34. niceeee, I was just studying my openings listening to another one of your vidoes (as background sound), so glad there is a new long video like this I can listen to while studying the french = )

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