Brilliant checkmate 🌟 || Chess tactics #chess


  1. Entonces la reina esta demas 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Bro , the queen and knight could have kill the bishop

  3. Я не вижу ход ферзём блестящим максимум наилучший и все

  4. Bro, the queen or the knight can kill the bishop

  5. Bro why didnt you first castle, the move bishoo to c3 attacking the queen and making a battery with your rook and queen then move the queen to the black king and checkmate?

  6. Ha ha this was a real chess match
    And one of the first chess match i read in my first chess book🤣

  7. To clear up the conclusion when the bishop checked it was a double check so he hadn’t block or take the bishop If king e8 (which he played then mate And if king c7 then bishop d8 is mate

  8. But me, move the bishop to sacrifice with pion, wkwk

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