BRILLIANT MOVE😎#chess #checkmate #india


  1. Pawn takes queen :

    Queen takes queen :

    Pawn takes knight :

    Black's queen escapes :
    Ne7# or Nh6#

    G5 protecting black's queen :
    Ne7# or Nh6#

    If black resigns :
    You will click rematch and beat him another time with another brilliant move😂.

    Edit 1 : please get this comment some likes, I want this comment to be my most liked comment ever.

  2. Pawn takes queen and Ke7 checkmate and if Queen Takes Queen it still checkmate 🙂

  3. Queen takes pawn, Knight:- Am i nothing but a sacrifice? But peep forget that Knight can go up and give checkmate.

  4. Genius
    If pawn takes knight h6 mate and if queen takes knight e7 is mate
    If pawn takes knight you take the queen

  5. Black be like:- bro (white) you fucked up 😂😂😂😂

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