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  1. So cool how happy Hammer was at Alex win

  2. D'darrio? I use their Helicore strings one one of my double by basses. Great product for the price.

  3. Please don't rush back to the US before enjoying Sardinia! I'm Italian and I've never been to Sardinia, you're basically in the best time of the year to enjoy it: low tourists, in theory warm weather (in practice we're under a cold spell, ugh) and clean waters! The sea should be a bit chilly but the Mediterranean is a closed sea it never gets too cold!

  4. Sorry GM Dina i made a stupid comment sorry realy …i Guess Alexandra Will win the tournment

  5. My mama never told me that all Rook endgames are drawish. Bad parenting. 😊

  6. I love their commentary👍😂🥰
    Strong win for Andrea and Alexandra👍💪

  7. The issue with sitting at the board calculating without rest is not only mental exhaustion but also that it gives no opportunity for intuition to kick in. Intellectual processing subdues intuition, which works when one isn't thinking about something . By calculating 100% of the time, the Botes are neglecting a vital faculty.

  8. Bro why does the virtual board update so slowly that’s absolutely maddening when the game is already moving so slow.

  9. Average Net Salary in Italy: Based on the gross salary range and tax wedge, the estimated average net monthly salary would be around:
    €1,740 – €2,400 (using the gross salary range and applying the tax wedge). So $1500 Euros is a little low after taxes per month for Italians.

  10. Awo verdens nr aval Messaka sezy az chess chaka chaka bazi drast kardan🙏😎

  11. If you plkay athis at .5 speed you'll see how drunk Dina is

  12. Andrea found c3 !!!!❤, I told you that soon you could raise your elo 😊

  13. Dina looks like she's babysitting these 2 😂 and tired af

  14. Congrats Andrea & Alexandra!! So excited for the next game! 😊🎉❤

  15. fantastic I am so proud of Alexandra and the Gremlin so much.

  16. Congratulations to both ladies and the coaches…

  17. Congratulations Papa Botez! What a great gift, well played for you both.

  18. Another double win!!! Congratulations Alex and Andrea

  19. Love watching GMs analyze ridiculous Stockfish lines. I am not a Robot! ✅

  20. Hammer for commentary! Yes, it would be great if Hammer commented Norway but a man can only do one thing at a time.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS ! Brava, Alexandra for the win !!!

  22. If you like your chess commentators drunk, play at 0,5x speed from 2:24.

  23. Her beauty would paralyze me and she'd win everytime lol.Not to take away from the obvious strong capability

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