GOT PAIRED AGAINST MY SISTER IN A CHESS TOURNAMENT ║ $1,000 !Raffle presented by !Coinbase

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  1. Alex only have a few good moves and should move, Bb7 is a good move, it is not like she is behind even if this was not the original plan.

  2. Stockfish suggests move the knight THEN the bishop.

  3. Great game Botez sisters! Congrats to both and Hammer for the commentary. Hope Dina doesn't get back into your channel, her attitude is simply awful

  4. Stockfish thinks Ne5 is better, it also like Kf1 for some reason

  5. Dina is just wittier than the sisters and it’s funny af

  6. that philosophy rant at the end tho …. damn. Was like a therapy session for me

  7. Having the coaches conduct an "interview" is probably not a good strat. Lol. That interview part was a hard watch imo. At the very least, Dina is not it for interviews. Yikes.

  8. Dina and Hammer are both great! Complement each other!
    Hai fetele!

  9. Hugs to both…

    Andrea is the Alpha female, antagonist, and peace maker for once…

  10. Wait is that even legal? But then again this is a cool occurrence being in the same rank… wow, that's actually quite amazing… I wonder how many times in history this has actually happened?

  11. Oh man :/ I really really felt Andrea’s lost. Don’t ask me why but I have a massive crush on her, no about her beauty, but her personality, shes quite smart, and I’m sure shes gonna learn from this and became a better player.

  12. Alexandre is on fire at the moment,she's playing really well,she is favourite to win this tournament now in my opinion,but still a lot of rounds left,Andrea definitely has potential to be a 2000 plus player,the way Alexandre is playing if she continues to improve I really think she could get to 2200! Well played Alexandre and good luck tomorrow, Get a win tomorrow Andrea!

  13. I wish I could have them both as mine… One is cute & bubbly & one is intellectual ^ ^

  14. Alex was right – if there's a 0% chance then Dina has nothing to lose by putting that wager on the line.

  15. Who cares about the chess? The shot of Andrea in that dress at 3:15:08 is all that matters.

  16. Andrea needs to play e4. If you want to play chess and have fun, don't play London

  17. Me after just 10 minutes into this one: Please, someone mute her again.

  18. Dina’s advice and points, when she puts her expert hat on, have been great – but the drama and digression ‘for content’ seems a bit forced and is a tad irritating when moves played in the games aren’t being picked up and Hammer is sat there clearly irritated and waiting for her to come back into the room lol

  19. Feisty interview at the end. Love it.

    I'll pay to watch Alexandra and Dina fight in a jello pit… just an idea.

  20. Babushka should work on not dropping the level if discourse on every stream

  21. Love, love, love Dina and Hammer commenting – like Husband & Wife talking chess – Fight – NO PRISONER

  22. Come on!!! Should Dina change the best part of her personality, which is making fun of people and trolling, just because of some sensitive souls who can't take "ugly wall"? She shouldn't have to explain herself. During a game of chess, she is on "war mode", and she was going to troll Hammer and Alex whenever she saw a good opportunity (and she saw a few), and that's what most of us want to see. That's good content right there!!!

  23. I like Hammer but, his closing words were garbage. Chess is a game.. perspective, you can be upset about losing a game but it's still a game

  24. Poor Dina she was just trying to say that Andrea was the bug and Alex was the windshield. It was a compliment lol

  25. Grand Master coach? uh um excuse you, Woman Grand Master, not a Grand Master yet

  26. Normally I prefer people… especially women, with a sweet personality…like Anna Cramling (Anna is awesome), that being said, Dina's chess skills combined with her "🔥🔥🔥 Hot-ness" and her Spicy Personality 😍

  27. The interview at the end just seems like constant poking and prodding at Alex. I’m not sure if it was sarcasm or not but it didn’t make for comfortable watching

  28. The tension of that post-match interview 😮‍💨

  29. I think she needs to start playing some open games. I've played against players that started out and have played nothing but the London. The problem is anything that deviates from the London formula throws them off, and when given a chance to attack, their lack of opening knowledge and lack of experience with how to attack comes back to bite them, as it did with Andrea. She had no idea what to do with the h-pawn and couldn't evaluate it incorrectly. She was just pushing it because it looked like an attacking move. I don't think I've ever lost to the London, and when I do a Dutch Leningrad setup, I typically win fairly easily.

  30. I loved the post match interview! The personality clashes mixed with subtle sarcasm and the evident factions was great from a spectator standpoint.

  31. Happy for Alexandra, she was the favorite and she handled well that extra presure, she played solid chess. Andrea made the mistakes and the good moves she always does.
    Dina with akward commentaries as always, Hammer, trying to cool things off taking it to chessboard comments only.
    Is understandable that she's not best friends with Dina, but this was actually rude 3:46:43 Alexandra handle it well again.
    Like Alex said, if she wins, she'll still in some way lose.

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