Magnus Carlsen Ranks The Candidates Players! 🌶️

Magnus Carlsen and David Howell sit down to give their Candidates 2024 predictions and it got SPICY!

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  1. Finally Magnus dresses like a chess player

  2. Magnus blink twice, if David won't let you leave

  3. Mind agrees with Magnus. Heart wants one of the indian player to win

  4. At the start of the video Magnus looked like he didn't want to be there.

  5. I think if Nepo plays as good as he played in the last two candidates, it won’t even be close

  6. Rooting for Caruana. Dude has the third highest peak rating ever, and managed to draw with Magnus in the classic portion of the WCC. Although one could say that Magnus was trying to draw just to go to faster time controls cuz he has an edge there, I still think Caruana at his best was really close to Magnus, so I think he deserves it.

  7. Bro is spacing out crazy he sick of these damn interviews 😭😭

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