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  1. Always the Big sis gains more rate than lil sis because Andie as always is doing things for contents

  2. I wish someday could be a tourmament with Andrea, Alexandra, Dina and Anna. Lets say two games with each other. Who you think It will win?

  3. Are you sure you got paid enough to coach Botez sisters? Your life span will rbe educed like 6 years after all these games 🤣

  4. Hammer calling every move by Andrea a mistake when the bar doesn't move at all cracks me up

  5. I watch everything with hammer in it!, he‘s to funny. And that‘s not just a figure of speech. I once watched 12 hours of the guy playing puzzle pirates …

  6. Thank you Dina and Hammer for hosting! Great job!

  7. Congratulations to both ladies playing.

    Love how GM Hammer and WGM Dina take turns being good cop bad cop…

  8. 3h20m – Hammer losing it by Alex playing moves that expose her pawn structure lol.. Hammer had quite a bit of coffee between the matches right? he's hyper in hour 3

  9. 21:00 – Hammer, "then someone should tell her …."
    Dina, "Do you want to be that person?"
    Hammer, "No !!!"
    LOL, love it

  10. Watching grandmasters comment on this tournament is painful. Alexandra is about to win the tournament and at the end of the last game all they are doing is trashing on her play.

  11. I love the Botez sisters, pretty f*cking smart, (personally chess is love but I suck at it cuz im dumb)

  12. They needed these wins..even though every opponent was a low ELO scrub.

  13. Massive hours of chess can only be entertaining with Dina and Hammer on the commentary making us laugh!

  14. WP Botez women! Great games. Hard fought @jakobson and Becker.

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