A.R. Saleh Salem

Magnus Carlsen wins the World Blitz Championship

The World Rapid Chess Championship has ended in Almaty (Kazakhstan). 176 players participated in competitions with a prize fund of $ 350,000. The victory was won by the Norwegian grandmaster, world champion Magnus Carlsen. Hikaru Nakamura is in second place. Haik Martirosyan is on the third. Technical results:1. M. Carlsen (Norway) – 16 of 21;2-3….

The composition of “Tata Steel Challengers 2023” became known

The composition of the participants of the Wijk aan Zee “B”, which will be held from January 13 to 29, 2023, has become known today. Composition: S. Saleh, A. Tabatabaei, J. Sindarov, A. Donchenko, J. Pechac, E. l’Ami, M. Warmerdam, M. Yilmaz, L. Supi, B. Adhiban, A. Mishra, T. Beerdsen, R. Vaishali, E. Roebers. Official…

MrDodgy Invitational 3.0. Final standings in group “B”

The “MrDodgy Invitational 3.0” continues on the “Chess 24” platform, a blitz of 5 minutes per game. The qualifying tournament in group “B” took place today. The first eight players advance to the playoffs. Final standings in group “B”: 1. M. Muradli -11 (14), 2-3. J. Cori, S. Sevian – 9, 4. A. Tang –…