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History of FIDE

History of FIDE

Each kind of sport has its own organization with managing rights. In chess, FIDE executes this role. It’s an abbreviation for “Federation Internationale des Echecs” in French. The headquarters of this institution is located in Lausanne. In fact, Switzerland can be called the queen of sports. This country of constant neutrality also accommodates the headquarters…

Fischer vs USSR

Fischer vs USSR. The confrontation

It’s always been interesting to observe one person standing up against the whole system. Such things frequently occur in sports. One of the most engaging plots evolved in the world of chess. American grandmaster Robert Fischer vs USSR and the entire Soviet system! Today we recall the events that happened 50 years ago.  A trap…

World’s Top Chess Players According to FIDE Ratings

World’s Top Chess Players According to FIDE Ratings

How does one identify the world’s top chess players according to FIDE ratings? To answer this quite reasonable question, an American physics professor Arpad Elo invented a special rating calculation system for a 2-player game. FIDE started using Elo’s ratings back in 1970. Since 2012, separate ratings were implemented for rapid and blitz chess. These…

Human vs Computer in Chess

Human vs Computer in Chess – The Chronicle

Today, no chess player can defeat a machine. Even Magnus Carlsen on a good day would be powerless. However, this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when matches of a human vs computer in chess did not have an obvious leader. Humans kept demonstrating their superiority. Such encounters used to be incredibly fascinating…

World chess champions

Top 5 World Chess Champions

Chess history has a lot of legendary players who enrapture and inspire with their art. Oftentimes, we compare ourselves with great players from the past and contemporary masters. This article contains the greatest examples of the World Chess Champions. Overall, there are 16 world chess champions, if we talk about the classical line. However, there…

Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi – biography

The leading Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi was born on July 14, 1990, in Bryansk. He was barely 5 years old when he first showed...
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