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Jason Liang winner of the Maplewood Invitational

The tournament “Maplewood Invitational.”, held from November 14 to 19 In Waterloo (Canada. The tournament was attended by 10 players, including 4 grandmasters. According to the results of 9 rounds , American grandmaster Jason Liang won . M. Bosiocic is in second place. On the third — Suarez Ortiz Technical results: 1st place. Jason Liang…

The Maplewood Invitational continues. Standings after the 5th round

The Maplewood Invitational continues in Waterloo (Canada). M. Bosiocic is in the lead – 4. J. Liang is half a point behind, on point – Sh. Rodrigue-Lemieux, A. Samsonkin. Dates: from 14 to 19 NovemberSystem: round-robin format, 9 roundsComposition: 10 participants, 4 grandmasters. Standings after the 5th round

Tournament Canada. Standing after the 1st round

The Maplewood Invitational started in Waterloo yesterday — in a round-robin format, 10 participants, four grandmasters. Position after the 1st round Samsonkin A ,Bosiocic M, Sambuev B — 1 , Rodrigue-Lemieux W, Liang J, Kantans T, Noritsyn N 0.5; Sai Krishna, Ortiz Suarez I., Plotkin M 0 dates : from November 14 to November 19…