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The calendar of The Grand Chess Tour 2023 has appeared

Today there is a calendar of competitions that will be held in 2023 under the auspices of the Grand Chess Tour. Superbet Chess Classic Romania: May 4-16, Bucharest, Romania Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland: May 19-26, Warsaw, Poland SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia: July 3-10, Zagreb, Croatia Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz: November 12-19, St….

The Grand Prix Romania – etapa 5 starts tomorrow in Romania

The 5th stage of the Romanian Rapid Grand Prix starts tomorrow in Braile (Romania). Rating-favorites: J. Van Foreest, D. Navara, K. GeorgievDates: from 5 to 6 NovemberSystem: Swiss, 10 roundsPrize fund: 110000 Ron (1st place – 25000 Ron)Composition: 143 participants, 29 grandmasters Starting rank Official page

Grand Prix Hunedoara. Final standings

A chess tournament has ended in Romania. The winner was the Ukrainian grandmaster V. Bernadskiy, who scored 7.5 points out of 9. M. Iskandarov took silver – 7.5 points. The same number of points in the asset of M. Parligras, but he lagged behind in additional indicators. Technical results

Grand Prix Hunedoara. Standings after 7th round

The tournament continues in Romania. After the 7th round, the leader is Ukrainian grandmaster V. Bernadskiy, who scored 6 points. M. Parligras is half a point behind. 5 points have M. Iskandarov and U. Sadikhov. Technical results

Grand Prix Hunedoara

The open tournament (Swiss system, 9 rounds) starts tomorrow in Geoagiu Bai, Romania. 41 participants have been registered, including 8 grandmasters. Starting list