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P. Shyaamnikhil won the Commonwealth Chess Championship – 2022

The international tournament “Commonwealth Chess Championship – 2022”, held from November 14 to 22 in Vaskaduwa (Sri Lanka), has ended. 94 players took part in the tournament, including 13 grandmasters. According to the results of 9 rounds, the Indian international master P. Shyaamnikhil won. Guha Mitrabha is in second place. On the third – M….

Tournament in Sri Lanka. Standings after the 8th round

The Commonwealth Chess Championship 2022 is being held in Vaskaduwa. Before the final round, G. Mitrabha and P. Shyaamnikhil are in the lead – 6.5 each. 6 participants are half a point behind, including Ch. Aravindh, N.R. Vignesh and M.R. Lalit Babu. Dates: from November 14-22System: Swiss, 9 roundsComposition: 94 players, 13 grandmasters. Standings after…