Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli

MrDodgy Invitational 3.0. Final standings in group “B”

The “MrDodgy Invitational 3.0” continues on the “Chess 24” platform, a blitz of 5 minutes per game. The qualifying tournament in group “B” took place today. The first eight players advance to the playoffs. Final standings in group “B”: 1. M. Muradli -11 (14), 2-3. J. Cori, S. Sevian – 9, 4. A. Tang –…

Tournament in Spain «BICAPAWN Xacobeo»

BICAPAWN Grand Prix in Santiago de Compostela, four blitz tournaments and one rapid tournament started yesterday. In Blitz No. 1 (113 participants, 28 grandmasters), the winner is Grandmaster Van Foreest (Netherlands) — 8 out of 9. Then D.Dvirnyy (Italy) — 7 ;, A.Sarana (Russia), E.Iturrizaga and I.Salgado (both Spain) — 7.

Tournament in Argentina:PRO-AM International

The position of the participants before the final round at the “Pro-Am international ” in Buenos Aires: 1-7. Iturrizaga, D.Larino ( Spain), K.Mekhitarian, A.Fier (both from Brazil), A. Bachmann (Paraguay), N.Delgado (Paraguay) and A. Pichot (Argentina) — 6.5 out of 8. official source

4th round Abierto Internacional ProAm

The games of the 4th round were played in Buenos Aires. E. Itturizaga, M. Santos and L. Tristan scored 4 points each. 10 participants are half a point behind. Technical results

Spanish league ended

C.A. Solvay became the champion of Spain among club teams (Harikrishna, Gukesh, Santos Ruiz, A. Muzychuk, Korneev, Ubilava, Fuente Tejedor), who scored 11 points out of 14. DuoBeniajan Costa Calida clubs (Fedoseev, Tabatabaei, Iturrizaga, Yuffa, Mchedlishvili, Jerez Ibarra, Batsiashvili) are 2 points behind and Magic Extremadura (Cheparinov, Latasa Santos, Pichot, Candelario Perez, Stefanova, Outon Garrido,…