Erigaisi Arjun


TATA STEEL INDIA RAPID 2022 started in Calcat, after 3 rounds in the open rapid championship, Sh. Mammadyarov — 3; A.Erigaisi, N. Sarin — 2 each; Gukesh D, Abdusattorov N, Maghsoodloo P, So Wesley — 1.5 each; Vidit S — 1, H. Nakamura, Seturaman — 0.5 Prize fund: $10,000 for 1st placeDates : from November…

Wesley So will take part in Wijk aan Zee 2023

The organizers of Tata Steel Chess announced the name of the third participant of the annual super tournament in the Netherlands. It will be the American grandmaster Wesley So.Earlier it became known that the Indians Arjun Erigaisi and Dommaraju Gukesh will take part in the competition. Official page