Francesco Sonis

Luca Moroni won the Italian Chess Championship

The Italian Chess Championship, held from November 12 to 23 in Cagliari (Italy), has ended. 12 players, including 8 grandmasters, took part in the tournament with a prize fund of €16,000. According to the results of 11 rounds, international grandmaster Luca Maroni won. Daniil Dvirnyy is in second place. On the third – Sabino Brunello….

The Italian Chess Championship has started in Cagliari

In Cagliari (Italy) the national chess championship among men has started. 12 people participate, among them L. Moroni, A. David, L. Lodici, F. Sonis, S. Brunello, D. Dvirny. Dates: from 12 to 23 NovemberSystem: 11 rounds, round-robinPrize fund: €16,000 (1st place – €3.500)Composition: 12 participants, 8 grandmasters Live broadcast of parties Official page