Jaime Latasa Santos

Santos Latasa wins the European Rapid Championship

In Katowice (Poland) the European Rapid Championship ended. 830 chess players, 50 grandmasters participated in the competition with a prize fund of 15,000 EUR. The victory was won by the Spanish grandmaster Santos Latasa. In second place is Navara David. On the third – Fridman Daniel final position Official site

4th round Tournament of Peace 2022

The international tournament continues in Zagreb. After the 4th round, J. Moussard is in the lead. K. Shevchenko, M. Bosiocic, H. Stevic, M. Yilmaz, J. Santos is half a point behind. Technical results

3rd round Tournament of Peace 2022

Three rounds have been played in Zagreb. J. Moussard is in the lead with 2.5 points. X. Stevic, J. Santos, L. Livaic, M. Yilmaz are half a point behind. Technical results

Spanish league ended

C.A. Solvay became the champion of Spain among club teams (Harikrishna, Gukesh, Santos Ruiz, A. Muzychuk, Korneev, Ubilava, Fuente Tejedor), who scored 11 points out of 14. DuoBeniajan Costa Calida clubs (Fedoseev, Tabatabaei, Iturrizaga, Yuffa, Mchedlishvili, Jerez Ibarra, Batsiashvili) are 2 points behind and Magic Extremadura (Cheparinov, Latasa Santos, Pichot, Candelario Perez, Stefanova, Outon Garrido,…