Jingyao Tin

Amin Tabatabaei won the “III Elllobregat Open Chess” tournament

The international chess festival “III Elllobregat Open Chess” has ended in Sant Boi de Llobregat. 175 players and 49 grandmasters participated in the tournament with a prize pool of € 29,500 (1st place – € 10,000). The victory was won by the Iranian grandmaster Amin Tabatabaei. Tin Jingyao is in second place. On the third…

“III Elllobregat Open Chess”continues. Standings after the 8th round

The chess festival “III Elllobregat Open Chess” continues in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Catalonia). Tin Jingyao and M. Aditya are in the lead – 6.5 each. 7 participants are half a point behind, including Yu Yangyi, A, Tabatabai, M. Bluebaum. Dates: November 30 – December 8System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: 29.500  €  (1st place 10000 € )Line-up: 175 participants, 49 grandmasters Standings after…

“III Elllobregat Open Chess” continues. Standing after the 7th round

In Sant Boi de Llobregat (Catalonia), the chess festival “III Elllobregat Open Chess” continues. Leading Tin Jingyao, M. Aditya – 6 points each. E. Safarli, M. Bluebaum, D. Dvirnyy are half a point behind. Dates:  November 30 – December 8System:  Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund:  29.500  €  (1st place 10000 € )Line-up:  175 participants, 49 grandmasters Position after round 7Official site