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Challengers Chess Tour Final

On Saturday and Sunday there will be semifinals, finals and a match for 3 – 4 places in the Challengers Chess Tour Final, organized by Play Magnus Group. They will meet A. Esipenko – V. Pranav and R. Sadhwani – I. Samunenkov. Dates: from October 29 to October 30System: blitz (5+3), knockout formatPrize fund: $10,000…

The World Junior Chess Championship 2022 has ended in Italy

In the open tournament, five people scored 8 points out of 11 possible. According to additional indicators, the gold went to A. Gadimbayli, the second place went to A. Kozak. N. Kacharava became the bronze medalist. G. Beydullayeva and A. Serikbay scored 8.5 points each in the girls tournament. As a result of the victory…

World Junior Chess Championship 2022. Standings before the last round

In the open tournament after the 10th round, A. Kozak is in the lead, having scored 8 points. A. Gadimbayli is half a point behind. Nine chess players have 7 points each. G. Beydullayeva scored 8.5 in the girls’ tournament. 7.5 points has A. Serikbay. Seven participants have 7 points each. Technical results

The 9th round of the World Junior Chess Championship 2022 has ended

In the open tournament after the 9th round, A. Kozak is in the lead, with 7.5 points. A. Gadimbayli is half a point behind. Five participants scored 6.5 points each. In the tournament among girls G. Beydullayeva has 8 points. N. Salimova scored one point less. 6.5 points were scored by four participants. Technical results

5th round World Junior Chess Championship

The 5th round of the World Junior Championships took place. In the open tournament, thirteen people scored 4 points. N. Salimova, M. Kamalidenova, G. Beydullayeva scored 4.5 points among the girls. 4 participants are half a point behind. Technical results

4th round of the World Junior Championship

The World Junior Championships in Cala Gonone are continuing. In the open tournament, scored 3.5 points A. Esipenko, A. Kozak, N. Kacharava, F. Svane, A. Gadimbayli, V. Murzin, I. Samusenkov, F. Sonis. The tournament among girls is led by M-J. Ouellet, N. Salimova, M. Kamalidenova, Y. Hrebenshchykova, G. Beydullayeva and E. Goltseva scored 3.5 points…

3 rounds played at World Junior Championships

In Italy, the world championships for chess players under 20 continue. In an open tournament, after three rounds, 5 chess players are leading with 100% results. Among the girls, there are four leaders who also won all their games. Technical results

World Junior Chess Championship started

In Italy, games of the first round were played in the Open and Women’s World Chess Championships among chess players under 20 years old. Most of the rating favorites won. Technical results

World Junior Chess Championship 2022 Open

The World Junior Championships begin tomorrow in Sardinia, Italy. 124 chess players are registered in the open tournament, including 13 grandmasters. 69 chess players were registered in the tournament among girls. Starting list


The Junior Olympiad has ended in Azerbaijan. A confident victory was won by the Turkiye-red, which scored 18 points (they won all nine matches!). Silver went to Uzbekistan-1, which has 15 points. The Azerbaijan-1 team finished third with 13 points. Technical results