Levan Aroshidze

Levan Aroshidze became the winner of the Catalan Chess Championship

The Catalan Chess Championship, held from October 28 to November 1 in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia), has ended. 8 players and 5 grandmasters participated in the competition. According to the results of 7 rounds, grandmaster Levan Aroshidze won. Alonso Rosell Alvar is in second place. On the third – Gines Esteo Pedro Antonio. Technical results:…

Catalan Championship. Standings after the 6th round

The Catalan Men’s Chess Championship continues in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia). P. Gines, L. Aroshidze and P. Garriga are in the lead – 4 points each; A. Alonso is half a point behind. Dates: from October 28 to November 1System: round robin, 7 roundsComposition: 8 participants, 5 grandmasters Standings after the 6th round Official page