Leya Garifullina

“Prestige 2023” has started in Serbia. Standings after the 1st round

The international “Prestige 2023” tournament started today in Paracin (Serbia). After the 1st round, 20 participants, including N. Radovanovic, Z. Tekeyev, M. Milosevic, L. Garifullina, scored one point each. Rating-favorites: M. Bryakin, N. Radovanovic, Z. TekeyevDates: from January 17 to 23System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: 205,000 RSD (80,000 RSD)Line-up: 52 participants, 3 grandmasters Standings after…

Russian Championship Superfinals has finished

In the final round of the Superfinals in the men’s tournament, Dubov defeated Iljushenok, Murzin defeated Najer. Syugirov – Esipenko, Nesterov – Tomashevsky, Matlakov – Artemiev and Chigaev – Rakhmanov met in a draw. Dubov was stronger in the tie-break for the first place. Final standings: 1. Daniil Dubov, 2. Sanan Sjugirov – 7 points…

The tenth round was played at the Superfinals of the Russian Championship

The men’s tournament was won by Volodar Murzin, who beat Maksim Chigaev with white. Tomashevsky – Matlakov, Iljiushenok – Sjugirov, Rakhmanov – Dubov, Esipenko – Nesterov and Artemiev – Najer – drew. Standings after the 10th round: 1. Sanan Sjugirov- 6.5, 2. Daniil Dubov- 6, 3-5. Ilia Iljiushenok, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Vladislav Artemiev – 5.5, 6-7….