Luka Paichadze

Mikhail Mchedlishvili won the Georgian Chess Championship

The national Chess championship, which was held in a round-robin system, ended in Tbilisi (Georgia). 10 players and 6 grandmasters took part in the competition. Grandmaster Mikhail Mchedlishvili won. Giga Quparadze is in second place. On the third – Tornik Sanikidze. Technical results:1. M. Mchedlishvili – 7 out of 9;2. G. Quparadze – 6;3-5. T….

The Georgian Chess Championship continues in Tbilisi. Standings after the 6th round

The National Chess Championship has started in Tbilisi (Georgia). G. Quparadze and M. Mchedlishvili are in the lead — 4.5 each. T. Sanikidze is half a point behind. On the point – G. Nigalidze, M. Gagunashvili, L. Paichadze. Participants: M. Gagunashvili, M. Mchedlishvili, N. Kacharava, L. Paichadze, G. Quparadze, D. Maghalashvili, T. Sanikidze, N. Petriashvili,…