Nesterov Arseniy

The “D. S. Shcherbin Memorial” Stage of the Rapid Grand Prix Of Russia continues in Yekaterinburg. Standings after the 6th round

In Yekaterinburg (Russia), the D. S. Shcherbin Memorial continues — The Rapid Grand Prix Of Russia Stage. P. Ponkratov is in the lead – 5.5. 11 players are half a point behind, including M. Chigaev, N. Afanasiev, I. Lysyj, A. Riazantsev, A. Nesterov. Rating-favorites: P. Ponkratov, M. Chigaev, A. TimofeevDates: from January 14 to January…

Rapid stage of the Russian Grand Prix

The next four rounds of the Russian rapid chess competitions were played in Sochi. After eight rounds, A. Grebnev is in the lead, having scored 6.5 points. A. Nesterov, Zh. Tsydypov, N. Afanasiev, P. Smirnov are half a point behind. Technical results

Stage “Blitz Grand Prix of Russia”

The blitz tournament, which is part of the Russian Grand Prix system, has ended in Sochi. Grandmaster Arseniy Nesterov came to the finish line first, scoring 11 out of 13. Nikita Afanasiev was half a point behind, Zhamsaran Tsydypov was one and a half points behind. Technical results