Evgeny Romanov

Hoogeveen Open – final

A chess festival has come to an end in the Netherlands. In the final match, R. Hovhannisyan was stronger than N. Zwirs 2.5 – 0.5. In the match for the 3rd place S. Bharath defeated E. Romanov with a score of 2.5 to 0.5. Technical results

Hoogeveen Open 2022 – semi – finals

In the first semifinal match, N. Zwirs won from S. Bharath and reached the final. E. Romanov drew with R. Hovhannisyan. To determine the second finalist, it was necessary to play two blitz games, in which the success was on the side of the Armenian grandmaster 2-0. Technical results

Festival in the Netherlands “Hoogeveen 2022” Position after the 7th round

According to the results of seven rounds at the open in Hogeven , semifinal pairs were formed: N.Zwirs (Netherlands) — S.Bharath (India) E. Romanov (Norway) — R. Hovhannisyan (Armenia). The rest will continue to play in the “Swiss”.In matches L.McShane — L.Van Foreest final score 2:4, D.Dardha — M.Warmerdam — 3:3 official source

Festival in the Netherlands “Hoogeveen 2022”. Standing after the 3rd round

Current position:1-5. E.De Boer, O.Elgersma P.Hummel (all from the Netherlands)L.Moroni (Italy) S.Bharath (India) – 3. 12 participants are half a point behind, including grandmasters R. Hovhannisyan, E. Romanov.In parallel, there are matches L. Mcshane – L. Van Foreest score 1.5: 1.5; D.Dardha – M.Warmerdam – 1:2 official source