Sergey Volkov

Memorial of M.I. Chigorin. Standings after the 5th round

The tournament within the framework of the Russian Cup 2022 continues in St. Petersburg. After 5 rounds, V. Zvjaginsev, A. Aleksandrov, D. Lazavik, E. Vorobiov, M. Nikitenko, K. Stupak, A. Kovalev, A. Fedorov, S. Volkov and A. Stribuk are in the lead – 4.5 each. Dates: from 22 to 30 October System: Swiss, 9 rounds…

Enisei bridges 2022

In Krasnoyarsk, the stage of the Rapid Grand Prix of Russia has ended. Zhamsaran Tsydypov won with 9 out of 11. Sergey Volkov and Roman Kezin were half a point behind. Technical results

Enisei bridges 2022

At the stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk, 7 rounds were played. Sergey Volkov is in the lead with 6.5 points. Half a point behind a group of seven pursuers. Technical results