Sychev Klementy

Tomorrow “A. Margaryan 13th Memorial” starts in Armenia

The 13th memorial of A. Margaryan starts in Yerevan (Armenia). Participants : Sychev K, Lobanov S, Sturua Z, Davtyan A, Daneshvar B, Pur Aga A, Shaginyan D, Oganyan E, Mktchyan M, Chakryan E dates: from 8 to 15 January prize pool: $3000 (1st place — $1500) system : circular, 9 rounds start list official site

“The 4th Yerevan Open” Tournament in Armenia has ended

Final standing : 1. Lobanov S. (Russia) — 7; 2. Gharibyan M. (Armenia) — 7; 3. Purramezanali A. (Iran) 4-11. Sychev K. (Russia), Sochacki K. (France), Sankalp G. (India), Pour Agha Bala A. (Iran), Hakemi A. (Iran), Goganov A. (Russia), Paravyan D. (Russia), Ter-Sahakyan S. (Armenia) — 6.5 … results

Round 6 Yerevan Open Tournament

The chess festival continues in the Armenian capital. After the 6th round, the leaders are K. Sychev, A. Goganov, S. Lobanov and M. Gharibyan, who scored 5 points each. Nine participants are half a point behind. Technical results