Vladislav Kovalev

Andrew Tang won “Chessable 1. d4 Arena” at Lichess

A major online tournament on the Lichess chess platform “Chessable 1. d4 Arena” took place yesterday. 3167 players took part in the competition with a prize fund of $1000. The victory was won by the American grandmaster Andrew Tang. In second place is Chesssplayer21. On the third – Vladislav Kovalev. Final standings

Blitz-tournament “Nesis Cup” was held in Batumi

As part of the additional program, a representative blitz tournament was held in Batumi during the children’s world championship. The victory was won by Mikhail Kobalia, who competes under the FIDE flag. He scored 7 out of 9. Vladislav Kovalev, also playing under the flag of FIDE and Georgian David Maghalashvili, stood on a par…