Andrey Filatov is awarded the Nikolai Ozerov medal

Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin awarded the President of the Russian Chess Federation, head coach of the Russian men’s team Andrey Filatov with the Nikolai Ozerov medal for his great personal contribution to the development of chess.

The Nikolai Ozerov Medal was established in 2005. She is awarded for special personal merits and achievements in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as for the promotion of physical culture and sports.

Andrey Filatov:

I am grateful to the Minister of Sports and perceive this award as a collective assessment of all the activities of the Russian Chess Federation. In recent years, our athletes, not only eminent, but also very young chess players, have brought many medals to our country. And thanks to the “Chess in Schools” projects and the “White Rook” tournament, hundreds of thousands of children are fond of our game. Popularization of chess is the main task of the CFR, and we are trying to solve it in the style of Nikolai Ozerov, recklessly and professionally!

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