Norwegian Chess Federation President resigns after admitting to cheating

IM Joachim Birger Nilsen resigned as the president of the Norwegian Chess Federation, a day after admitting to cheating on during one match in the 2016-2017 season of the PRO Chess League. Nilsen was part of the Norway Gnomes team, as was GM Magnus Carlsen at the time.

Nilsen admitted to cheating after three different sources had told Norway’s main public news and radio station NRK that he had cheated for the Norway Gnomes. On Friday, he told NRK that in one of the matches of the preliminary group stage, during three of the four rapid games, he was receiving assistance from another person in the room where he was playing.

That is not allowed, you have to play alone, without help. It was not legal, and I am quite clear about that. The fact that it was many years ago has nothing to do with it. You shouldn’t do this at all.


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