Anish Giri: I can’t ignore “the elephant in the room”

In an interview at the end of the game day at the Julius Baer Generation Cup, Giri commented on the surrender of the game by Carlsen to Niemann on the second move.

“Yeah, I mean the show must go on. It reminds me of when you play poker and you bluff on the first card, and then comes another card and you keep bluffing and then another and you keep bluffing. It looks like he is clearly insinuating something but until you catch someone you cannot do anything. It just looks very odd now”.

“I think it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t have it, because if he had there would be no need to do that. It’s pretty clear to me that he is convinced, or near convinced, that that is the case”.

“It’s crazy, crazy stuff going on and it’s not clear how it will end because as we see now I don’t think Magnus has anything more than what’s there. I mean, there is the repeated cheating online, there is the slightly weird character that Hans is portraying but all that doesn’t mean he cheats online or over the board. So it’s all just very confusing”.

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