Daniil Dubov commented on the situation around the game between Carlsen – Niemann

At the Russian Chess Superfinal taking place in Cheboksary, the Russian grandmaster was asked for his opinion about the possibly unfair victory of Hans Niemann over the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen.

“It’s hard to comment, I wasn’t there. The only thing I can say is that Magnus is the least paranoid of the chess players in the top 100 that I know, this is absolutely unusual for him. He may get upset after the game, but it seems that he withdrew from the tournament for the first time in his life, for sure for the first time in many years. There were people who aroused suspicion, but in personal conversations Magnus said that everything was absolutely not obvious, and they played themselves, ” Dubov said in an interview for the RCF.

Recall that Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the super tournament in St. Louis after White’s defeat by American grandmaster Hans Niemann. In his decision, the World Champion referred to an interview with football coach Jose Mourinho, in which the Portuguese specialist refused to voice his thoughts because it threatens him with “big trouble”.

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