Mamedov on incident with Carlsen: it’s disrespectful

Azerbaijani grandmaster Rauf Mamedov has denied reports that he was banned from the most popular online chess platform. Such information appeared after the traditional tournament “Titled Tuesday”. During the 10th round game, 1.e4 g5 was played between Mamedov and Carlsen, after which the result was 0-1 in favor of Magnus. Mamedov did not finish the last round. Here is how he commented:

Yesterday I was in first place after nine rounds, and in the 10th round Magnus played g5 with me on e4, after which I resigned. I think that the world champion should not behave like this. We are playing chess in a tournament and he is showing his disrespect. This is how I quit the competition.

When asked if he was not offended by giving up and withdrawing from the tournament, given that he was in the lead in the standings, the grandmaster replied: “It’s a shame, but it’s a principle. You can’t disrespect [an opponent] like that, even if you’re great,” added Mamedov.



  1. U is full right Rauf! F#ck this frighter! This chamion became too arrogant!

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