Niemann’s coach decided to sue Magnus Carlsen

Maxim Dlugy, the coach of American grandmaster Hans Nieman, spoke about why he sued world champion Magnus Carlsen.

“He hit my reputation because he wanted to embellish the facts. He’s grasping at straws because he has no proof. With his phrase, he clearly meant that I had taught Niemann to cheat well.

Why am I going to court? Because Magnus did everything to destroy my reputation in the most terrible way. Magnus has to give up before this goes too far. He needs to apologize to me, Hans and the chess world for causing this scandal. For turning on the berserk mode.

I respect him as a player. But this is beyond the limit! What kind of nonsense is this? How did I get involved in this mud, which Magnus decided to pour all over the chess world?” – told Dlugy.

Recall that in September Carlsen lost to Neman at the Grand Chess Tour in St. Louis and withdrew from the tournament. The Norwegian explained this by his unwillingness to play against a man who had previously been repeatedly convicted of cheating. Also in an interview, Carlsen noted that “Dlugy did a very good job as Niemann’s mentor.”

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