Nigel Short has spoken out about Michael Basman

English grandmaster Nigel Short regrets the death of Michael Basman.

“With the death of IM Mike Basman. English chess has lost a true original. Totally bonkers, of course, but always thought-provoking. He played so many amusing games, it is hard to name a favourite, but I loved his Immortal Waiting Game, against Ulf Andersson, Hastings 1974/5” – said Short

Michael Basman died on October 27. He became famous for his extravagant style of play. Even in games against famous grandmasters, 1.h3, 1.g4, 1.b4, 1…a6, 1…h6, 1…g5, etc. could go.
And this did not prevent him from beating them: he won against John Nunn, Ulf Andersen or Jon Speelman.

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