Vladislav Artemiev does not agree with the position of Thomas Bach

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, said that Russian athletes will be able to participate in international competitions in a neutral status only if they do not support a special operation in Ukraine.

“In this case, I will not perform,”- Artemiev said, commenting on Bach’s words. – But in my opinion, politics should still go its own way, and other industries should not depend on it. I know many chess players from other countries who feel the same way. And they do not support such a massive removal of Russians. I don’t feel very good about it either, but what can I do. Now there is such a situation in the world that further sanctions can be adopted. But at the same time, it is very disappointing, because in fact (other) military conflicts do not end, and such global sanctions have been adopted only against Russia.”

“At the moment I have a postponement from (partial) mobilization for family reasons,” the chess player noted. – But the situation is really difficult both in the world and in Russia. Let’s believe in the best. In any case, in difficult times it is necessary to support my country, which I love very much.”

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