Bibisara Assaubayeva won the World Blitz Championship

The Women’s World Blitz Championship has ended in Almaty (Kazakhstan). 99 players participated in competitions with a prize pool of $ 150,000. The victory, for the second year in a row, was won by Kazakhstan international master Bibisara Assaubayeva. In second place is Hampi Koneru. On the third – Polina Shuvalova.

Technical results:
1. B. Assaubayeva (Kazakhstan) – 13 out of 17;
2. H. Koneru (India) – 12.5;
3-4. P. Shuvalova (Russia), Tan Zhongyi (China) – 12;
5. M. Arabidze (Georgia) – 11.5;
6-12. K. Lagno (Russia), N. Dzagnidze (Georgia), O. Badelka (Russia), E. Paehtz (Germany), G. Mammadzada (Azerbaijan), A. Stefanova (Bulgaria), Z. Abdumalik (Kazakhstan) – 11 each.

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Final standings

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