David Paravyan qualified for the Speed Chess Championship

On November 10-11, the first qualifying tournament within the Speed Chess Championship was held.
On Thursday, a tournament was held according to the Swiss system, from where 8 chess players entered the knockout tournament.
Knockout format: 2 games of 5+1, 4 games of 3+1 and 8 games of 1+1.
In the quarterfinals, Le Tuan Minh defeated Maxim Chigaev with a score of 8:7.5, Rauf Mamedov was 7.5 to 3.5 stronger than Daniil Dubov, Alexey Sarana beat Denis Lazavik 8:6, and David Paravyan defeated Jose Martinez.

In the semifinals, Le Tuan Minh won the match against Rauf Mamedov with a score of 8:5, and David Paravyan defeated Alexey Sarana 7.5 to 3.5.

The final turned out to be tense: a tie-break was needed, in which luck accompanied the Russian grandmaster. The final score is 10:9 in favor of Paravyan.

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