The Global Chess Championship commenced on Wednesday

The participants of the championship held their first matches 1/32. Matches consist of four games with control 15+2, in case of equality of points, Armageddon is played. The prize fund of the championship is $1.000.000.

Results of the first gaming day:

Ding Liren – Tuan Minh Le 2.5-1.5

Vladimir Kramnik – Hrant Melkumyan 3-0

Nihal Sarin – Rauf Mamedov 3-2

Kirill Alekseenko – Jose Martinez 2-3

Le Quang Liem – Eric Hansen 2-3

Sam Sevian – Rasmus Svane 3-0

Francisco Vallejo – Maxim Matlakov 0.5-2.5

Andrey Esipenko – Bassem Amin 2.5-0.5

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