The “Marienbad Open 2023” – 21st International Chess Festival continues in the Czech Republic. Standings after the 5th round

Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic) continues Marienbad Open 2023 – 21st International Chess Festival – 2 tournaments with the norm of an international grandmaster. In the A1 group, R. Stalmach and Chen Qi B are 3.5 each. C. Natsidis and M. Petr are half a point behind.

In the “A2” group, J. Krejci, I. Can, V. Finek are 3.5 each. L. Pajeken is half a point behind.

Rating-favorites in group “A 1”: H. Stefansson, M. Petr, Chen Qi B
Rating-favorites in group “A 2”: J. Krejci, I. Can, P. Haba
Dates: from 14 to 21 January
System: round robin, 9 rounds
Prize fund: 10000 CZK (1st place – 5000 CZK)
Line-up: 10 participants, 3 grandmasters in both groups

Standings after the 5th round
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