The Trophée Capechecs tournament. Standings after the 10th round

The Cap d’Agde tournament continues, France. The leader is L. Fressinet – 6,5; L. Moroni, and D. Dardha – 6 each; B. Assaubayeva and M. Maurizzi – 5,5 each; A. Stefanova – 4,5; M. Sebag – 3.5; Y. Osmak – 2.5.

Dates: from October 28 to November 4
System: mixed: group stage + playoffs.
Group stage: 14 rounds, played in 2 games between players. Two circles.
Knockout: 4 people advance to the semifinals and will play a match of 2 games.
Time control: 25 minutes with the addition of 10 seconds for each turn, starting with 1 turn.
The beginning of the games: 15:00 Moscow time

Standings after the 10th round
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