The “XLI INTERNATIONAL CHESS MEMORIAL OF LUDWIK ZAMENHOF” continues in Poland. Standings after the 8th round

The 41st Memorial of L. Zamenhof continues in Bialystok (Poland). Before the final round, P. Teclaf is in the lead – 6.5. V. Bernadskiy is half a point behind, 8 participants, including S. Azarov, S. Gumularz, are a point behind.

Rating favorites: V. Bernadskiy, B. Heberla, S. Azarov
Dates: from 27 to 31 December
System: Swiss, 9 rounds
Prize fund: PLN 100,000 (1st place – PLN 12,000)
Line-up: 70 players, 12 grandmasters

Official website
Standings after the 8th round

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