World Team Championship

The results of the final matches: China — Uzbekistan 2.5:1.5, (the score in the matches is 4:0). China is the world champion, Uzbekistan is the second prize—winner.
In the match for 3rd — 4th places, India — Spain 2:2, 2:2 (the score in the matches is 2:2). Spain won the tie-break in the blitz 3:1 and took third place.

the composition of the winning team: Lu Shanglei, Li Di, Xu Xianyu, Wen Yang, Bai Jinshi

Dates: from 20 to 25 November
System: mixed, group stage — rapid 45+ 10 seconds per turn, from group 4 teams advance to the playoffs. In the knockout format, the winner is determined (with an equal score, a tie—break in the blitz).
Composition: 12 teams of 4-6 participants

Final standings in groups
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