Alejandro Ramirez

Christopher Yоо wins 2022 US Masters

The 2022 US Masters, held from November 23-27, ended in Charlotte (USA). 203 participants, 30 grandmasters participated in the tournament with a prize fund of $20,000 (1st place $5,000)1st place was taken by Christopher Yоо— 7, the same number of points in the asset of M.Antipov, E.Cordova, A.Ramirez final position Official page

2022 US Masters. Standings after the 5th round

The 2022 US Masters continues in Charlotte (USA). D. Naroditsky and A. Ramirez are in the lead – 4.5 each; 16 participants, including G. Oparin, are half a point behind. Dates: from November 23 to 27System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: $20,000 (1st place $5,000)Composition: 203 participants, 30 grandmasters Standings after the 5th round Official page

Henriquez Ureña memorial completed

Winners were determined at the tournament in the Dominican Republic. The first place was taken by Yasser Quesada Perez (Cuba), who scored 8 out of 9. Alejandro Ramirez (USA) is 1.5 points behind, Fernando Peralta (Argentina) is 2 points behind. Final standings