Alexis Cabrera

In Spain, the “XI Open LORCA A” continues. Standings after the 3rd round

The chess festival “XI Open LORCA A” continues in Lorca (Spain). A. Cabrera, P-L. Basso, S. Revaliente, E. Ubilava and D. Ceres scored 3 points each. 12 participants, including A. Fier and F. Libiszewski, are half a point behind. Rating-favorites: A. Fier, P-L. Basso, F. LibiszewskiDates: from December 26 to December 30System: swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: € 6550…

“XI Open LORCA A” starts tomorrow in Spain

The “XI Open LORCA A” chess festival starts tomorrow in Lorca (Spain). Rating favorites: A. Fier, F. Libiszewski, A. CabreraDates: from December 26 to December 30System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: € 6550 (€ 1500 – 1st place)Line-up: 137 participants, 10 grandmasters Official website Starting list