0 Elo Chess Match

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  1. It's like getting 0% on a multiple-choice test

  2. I just got stage 193719 72864 cancer of this

  3. I wish I could see blacks reaction to how many miased checkmates there were bro prob lost hia mind when he saw the number cuz ngl i would too

  4. I was able to stalement even when the opponent had 4 queens
    That guy was a jerk

  5. Bro survived 100 checkmate, and 100 heart attacks.

  6. Blrblrlrbelebelrlbrlrbrlrbrlrnrl

    -Levy anytime he watches low elo chess games

  7. Levy it’s not that black is bad white is just to good☠️

  8. Ye u both ruined my day and amazed me because that takes "THAT" Stupidity yep THAT

  9. I want to see the missed win counter so bad

  10. That person is highly skilled………….

    ….just in negative

  11. You know they say if you say one of your favorite youtuber's name 3 times you get a pin
    Gotham chess
    Gotham chess
    Gotham chess

  12. Even I could see the checkmate and I’m like 100

  13. Fun Fact:- This chess match is made by gotham for YouTube content 😂 there's no chess player who made these mistakes who already made 2 queens, with 1 rk

  14. How did black even get the winning possition in the first place

  15. As a 0 elo player I can confirm that this is a 0 elo match

  16. We all know the game review coach wouldnt it be hilarious if after consecutive missed mates In 1 it just went
    What the fuck are you doing

  17. "guaranteed to ruin your day" your hairline

  18. Levy you would be shock when my cousin didnt check when he have a queen and rook

  19. I don´t know why I see it now but it is morning

  20. Nah at this point you gotta start thinking of troll or griefing possibility.

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