1 Hour Beginner Chess Lesson with TierZoo

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GothamChess gives a lesson on openings, middlegame strategy, and endgame conversion to @TierZoo.

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  1. I'd never have the patience to teach this. I was also screaming Bishop e5

  2. I love this guy so much. I love how supportive he is. It may seem like he's just spreading out compliments for no reason but this actually helps a LOT for people learning to play chess. It makes them less afraid to play when they aren't that good yet, and makes them more confident. Plus he's teaching him what to do along the way, making him a better player. This is excellent teaching!!!

  3. 16m18sec. O man thanks for the great info

  4. Play the opening like a book, the middle like a magician, the ending like a machine.

  5. Biggest lesson from this i think is no matter what level your at, being intimidated holds you back more than anything. Sure look at your oppositions options, but look at your own as well. That's why beginners should try and play with a lot of time

  6. 39:45 Could force queen trade Qc8 to teach him it´s ok to lose his precious OP piece ^^

  7. The more i learn about chess the more i realize im too stupid for it

  8. In the Position 42:30, there is a Mate
    Queen e5, King d7, Rock f7, King d8, Queen c7, King e8, Queen e7…

    Or Queen e5, King B6, knight a4, King a7, Queen C5, King a8, Rock f8 = Mate…
    But If the King after Queen C5 Go to b8 then Rock f8, King c7, Queen b6, King d6 or d7 but the rock d8… Kings has to move and you win the black Queen for free. 👍 Pls Like and try it Out.

  9. im gonna like your videos from now on , cuz i dont have friends who play chess so im talking to you

  10. This is a comment for myself pls ignore

    pawn e4 e5 knight attacks pawn and knight defends, bishop c4 attack knight 1:46 , they bring it forward to attack, f3 knight right next to their knight (threatened checkmate) 2:56 , they defend with pawn take with pawn, they take with horse 4:18 , fork king and knight with queen 8:14 take with bishop (rush queen for you to checkmate)

  11. 42:40
    Also (if i get it right) there was a move,if you move your quenn to e5 there could be checkmate if king runs in the pawns,or you could take the queen if he moves to parralel near the queen,or he just moves up and it also could be a checkmate

  12. New to chess (watched your videos and wanted to give it a go) ! I'm only a quarter of the way through this video, but learning so much- thanks man!

  13. Strongest 800 I have ever seen. People in 1200 play worse than this man

  14. Normally don’t say stuff like this but wow, levy teaches so well!

  15. This is great content. It's nice to see someone of similar noob level getting walked through why certain moves are good or bad.

  16. Great yt suggestion to get to know your channel. Great stuff mate! Thanks for sharing 👍🙂

  17. Awesome to see how your channel has grown, my man. Love your style of teaching. Thanks for all the great videos.

  18. I saw this video on Google in the videos section and it says the date posted as
    January 1st 1970
    I thought it was odd and wondered if it was like that for anyone else

  19. Hello Sir,
    I am a beginner. First time I saw and end this video. I satisfied that. As a beginner I learn many things from it like beautiful opening, queen, and bishop move, pawn game, squire rule, and opposition and specially last move which was going to checkmate. Literally I follow you from today…👍🏻
    Thank you. And sending you ❤️ from INDIA🇮🇳.

  20. I know that this is two years old, but this was a great video, Levy. Are there any more in this series?

  21. Mah god I dint know I needed this in my life yet I’m happy I got it

  22. Thanks so much ! A super super super lesson !

  23. Wow, this is great! Definitely improved my game…you make tough concepts understandable. Thanks!

  24. Levy might be an IM at chess, but he's definitely a GM at teaching chess

  25. my expectation when I hear tierzoo:
    The pawn class has the unique ability of speccing into a variety of abilities in the late game. However, I wouldn't recommend it for new players as it suffers in mobility greatly in early game…

  26. Seemed so obvious… "Is there anything my opponent can capture…" – Just realized how bad I am at chess.

  27. Dude! I am 500 elo. I have been watching this channel for some time. I have never gotten above 500. This, all of the starting stuff I am familiar with it's just that at a moment like 3:55 I am likely to play something like queen g4 because I have zero patience.

    Highest elo I have beaten is 1500, twice. I've even beaten my grandpa at chess thanks to this channel but I am sooo inconsistent.

  28. Yeah, for me the thing is that when my opponent drags his queen or bishop or any piece for no reason to the middle of the board that's when I start losing because I get into thinking what is he planning for hours and then I lose focus on my pieces 😒💔.

  29. Thank you. Your teaching style is casual, yet very helpful.

  30. Levy, how can i schedule a session like this with you? I’ve been stuck at 1250 for a while and i dont know what to do. When I started watching your vids a year ago i was at 900. Please let me know i need help

  31. 8:48 Patrick: I'd generally opt to use the less risky piece
    16:08: Gotham: A lot of beginners, I hear this, they say, "I don't want to bring my queen in, I'd rather take with what's worth less, have you heard this before?"


  32. Qxd4 not getting played is physically hurting me

  33. I've never had nor seen a lesson. This was great. Very informative.

  34. I like the fact that you're eating with chopsticks!

  35. Tierzoo :*doesn't hang a queen *
    Levy : oooooo wow

  36. You need to change your name to include “GM” in the beginning. You’re literally one of the billionaires of chess in the world.

  37. I saw a couple of things he didn’t see earlier but he also saw things I didn’t I’m new to chess lol. in the very end Qd8 would have been best because it wouldn’t have checked you but only leaving A7 & A8 available forcing you to corner your king with the next couple moves that would lead to check mate without checking you with the previous moves.

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