1 Hour Beginner Chess Lesson with TierZoo

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GothamChess gives a lesson on openings, middlegame strategy, and endgame conversion to @TierZoo.

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  1. 24.58 isnt it a mate if queen moves to d5? quick wins alre always betterr no?

  2. At 23:09 should it not play out as Qxb7, Nxc2+, Kd1, Nxa1, then Ne4x, forking the king and queen then taking? I don't think you should castle instead

  3. I'm one of those annoying members of the chorus who can see the 'obvious' move watching someone else play, but is oblivios to such moves in my own games.

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  6. I'm so glad I came across this dudes channel a long time ago because if I didn't, I would've never played chess :p

  7. Id kill to have 1 on 1 lessons with ya. 1100-1200 player here, but I still struggle seeing the whole board and ideas

  8. Am I missing something? At 35:27, white can move queen from d4 to d8 and it's checkmate, isn't it?

  9. This is an amazing video, thank you so much, im trying to learn chess and this made me see all the beginner concepts in action. Great content!

  10. Loved it! You are definitely a great teacher, both insightful and very nice at the same time 🙂

  11. Thank you for the lesson! Tierzo is around the same level as me, so I learnt a lot here 🙂

  12. The best instructive video I've seen as a beginner.

  13. I found a checkmate without checking at 51:02! Queen to D8 forcing the king to A7, and then mate with queen to C8. Pretty proud of myself for finding it haha!

  14. Thank you for the lesson. I love playing chess everyday against computer. Thanks for sharing. Big Like 👍

  15. 19:15 would knight b5 not have been a better move? It would check the king, forcing the other knight to take it which would allow the queen to take the bishop, or if the black king moved, he could then take the black knight… I got confused when he played bishop e4 and he said “brilliant, this is what I would have done”

  16. This was great! I've always had the issue of understanding WHY we make the opening moves we do. This helped so much to see the thought process and why we do what we do when we do it.

  17. Kings fianchetto on white seems like its worth a rook at least and maybe worth a rook and knight. What are some other situations where pieces are worth more than normal? Bishop pair worth a rook?

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  19. Thanks man I am 1550 elo nobody ever teaches me anything I menaged to won 2000 2 times

  20. I just watched an hour long video? I didn’t even notice. Damn

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  23. LOVE THIS! Awesome insight Levy! You're a great teacher! I'm on the road to 1000 lol since watching Queens Gambit I've picked up the game again!

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