10 Things You Should NEVER Do In Chess Tournaments

These are 10 things you should avoid doing at chess tournaments!! Hope this inspires you to play more tournaments 🙂 let me know in the comments any other points you think I should add to this list!

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00:00-1:39 Know the basics
1:39-4:26 Don’t distract
4:26-5:16 Don’t talk to friends
5:16-6:28 Don’t stand up on your turn
6:28-7:47 Don’t offer too many draws
7:47-8:40 Poker face
8:40-10:12 Touch move
10:12-11:07 Illegal moves
11:07-11:57 Bonus Point
11:57-12:50 Always shake hands
12:50-14:00 Check tournament rules

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  1. I had a terrible tournament yesterday where I lost all four games.after I think the second loss I threw a high kick at the door as I left to have a cigarette. This is probably also something you should not do lol

  2. I bet her mother puked in her mouth when she said make a bad move instead of just going to the toilet instead when you have to pee.

  3. The "no matter what, shake hands after the game" is really the one thing that sometimes holds me back from getting mad. It makes me think that even tough I got defeated, my opponent respects me, as I do respect them. I even imagine handshakes while playing online.

  4. Solid, concise, informative advice. A true professional.

  5. Bru, Magnus needs to watch this video. Bro took his shirt and ate right in front of the camera while he was playing a chess match online😂😂😂!

  6. Thank you Anna, now I can lose gracefuly 😅

  7. May the moves be recorded in traditional notation?

  8. The internet truly was made to find knowledge that you might never need. This was very informative and will prbly stick in my brain far longer than it should

  9. If people don't say check, and I don't realise, what is the etiquette if I was to not break check (through pure inexperience, no malicious intent)?

  10. I don’t play tournaments it’s all about relaxing and talking to friends 😂 also trash talk

  11. Whoever decided chess was a good vertical to promote serums or shampoos probably doesn't have a job by now. Respect to Anna for getting that bag!

  12. Its interesting this popped up on my feed today. It explains why Anna fell asleep at her turn this weekend instead of standing and stretching to stay awake.

  13. Know all the rules of chess and the tournament rules. I’m visually impaired. I use a ChessNoter to keep score and I am allowed to touch the pieces on the board to see what they are. I’m also allowed to use a special chess set. Pretty much every tournament Director I’ve ever met has told me. It’s not my job to explain this to my opponents. But my opponents are usually upset about it. They think it’s cheating. It’s not.

  14. I have a question, if I touch a piece that cannot make any legal moves, example: rook in the corner, what will happen? Can I choose a different piece or do I get a penalty?

  15. If I remember rightly it counts as illegal when you press the clock but if it's illegal move you 1. Do a different move with that piece 2. If you can't move the piece without being illegal you can move a different piece. At least that is what they have told me

  16. What if my opponent clicks with the other hand what to do? And if my opponent touch few pieces and move another piece? Loosing time? Don't you mean the opponent get time? Or is it different from tournaments to tournaments?

  17. I don't think trash talking belongs in informal chess, either. My chess playing era was in the 1960s, mostly (never in tournaments). In those days we just played quietly. I'm old school. I wouldn't play someone who was into trash talking.

  18. Saying Check did we say more like 25 years ago

  19. Hey anyone know places to find a local tournament? I'm in the UK

  20. 11. Jugar contra Anna y querer ganarle 🙂

  21. Rule number 11 : Subscribe the channel and like the video because You also should respect others including when you are playing the game or anywhere,…

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