10 Things You Should NEVER Do In Chess Tournaments

These are 10 things you should avoid doing at chess tournaments!! Hope this inspires you to play more tournaments 🙂 let me know in the comments any other points you think I should add to this list!

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00:00-1:39 Know the basics
1:39-4:26 Don’t distract
4:26-5:16 Don’t talk to friends
5:16-6:28 Don’t stand up on your turn
6:28-7:47 Don’t offer too many draws
7:47-8:40 Poker face
8:40-10:12 Touch move
10:12-11:07 Illegal moves
11:07-11:57 Bonus Point
11:57-12:50 Always shake hands
12:50-14:00 Check tournament rules

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  1. If I have to sit and wait for potentially 1 hour I would be simply unable to not have body language implying “get on with it”. And I see how thats unrespectful for sure.

  2. Im often too fast though, its a patience thing, im about results, i wanna ‘get on with it’ right, like the worst thing hah. But usually in 10 min games I stay within 5 min. Sometimes I use 7 min in endgames tho because Im bad at them

  3. Ana – don't do something in a tournament what you usually do online.
    Also Ana (during a speech at a tournament) – Ggs everyone 😂

  4. I can’t do it, 3-4 hours, its too long, I admire the concentration, but if your unable to do deep algebra, the point of long games would be to get better at that. But Id say you go to a tournament to have a shot at least. So sitting 3-4 hours, I mean, is that beginner stuff, dont think so but ok.

  5. Thank you for really usefull video. I have one question about the clothes. GMs usually play in suite, is that necessary? Or is it OK to come in shorts and T-shirt? Or probably something in between? I dont want everyone to look at me just because I have stupid clothes. 😃

  6. What happens when you promote a pawn to another piece? For example, are there spare queen pieces?

  7. You actualy are alowed to talk about your position during the game to your friends in the hall as long as they do not respond to it in a way that gives you anything at all. All they can respond is things like " well sounds good, keep it up" or something. They obviously cannot say " watch out for this mate threat!" Or something

  8. Chess is one of the most easy to lose games. You always lose because opponent was better than you or YOU made a mistake. So easy to pay respect after losing

  9. this is a really unique and interesting video! i don't plan to play otb chess, but you answered some questions i had when watching events!

  10. Good to know! Played my first OTB tournament last week. I wasn't sure about saying 'check' thing so I kept saying it.

  11. Great advice for new tournament players 💪. Respect definitely plays a role in great sportsmanship.

  12. Thank you for these tips. I appreciate them. 🙂

  13. All chess players should take a shower at LEAST once a week.

  14. Good thing that bonus tip came before the last one, cause I was about to say "Check" to the tournament rules.

  15. Ya I was playing a daily game once. Was up like 8 pts. Opponent asked for a draw. Really. Why in the hell would I draw?

  16. I see a lot of bad behavior on your blog Anna. Gamesmanship, I used it to help win a golf tournament but I didn't say anything or do anything disrupting. I noticed we hit the ball the same distance and he was following what club I selected. I asked my caddie for a wood when it was only a six iron, he fell for it hitting a wood way over the green losing the hole. I'm guessing in chess you'd have a watcher giving you succinct messages. Scratching their nose to stop you moving that piece. I have a favorite setup in chess but I still have to play against every move my opponent makes. But still getting my pieces into the attacking position I like.

  17. 1st shake hands,2nd i think to my self, she is ugly,she is ugly,she is ugly,because this woman chess player is gorgeous and distracting,3rd i hope i can win.

  18. We are having an open chess tournament next weekend, and noticed some of the participants are having their first. So I added this to our site. Hopefully useful for some.

  19. Be sure to turn off your phone, or better yet don't take it into the playing hall. A phone ringing during your game will usually result in a time penalty if not an outright forfeiture result

  20. Wonderful video Anna, your are amazing 🌟🌟🌟

  21. Too bad they didn't make a movie called "Chess Tournament" starring John Candy and Rodney Dangerfield.

  22. #11. Never move a piece and then say, "King me!" 😉
    Seriously, the bit about not saying "check" was new to me. In the tournaments that I've been in (yes, it's been mumble-mumble years), we did say "check," but we said it softly .

  23. You can be penalised for offering too many draws as it is distracting.

  24. Point no.5 it would have been good too say that you can only offer a draw while it is youre turn to play. Offering the draw while its youre opponents turn is bad mannered and agaisnt the rules.

  25. Those players who trash talk don't know how to play well.

  26. Oh, Ms. Cramling, you have given out secrets you should not have. The next time I'm playing in a tournament, I'll be sure not to shower the full week prior, just for the unfair advantage! (Yes, I'm KIDDING!) Related: Bad breath. Some bad breath is really difficult to control, esp. if it's the result of tonsil stones (tonsilloliths). The only thing I've ever found that works on these is Dr. Katz's Therabreath mouthwash, available over-the-counter in the US in many pharmacies.
    Later edit: Related: Wearing colognes or perfumes. Wearing clothes washed in Gain detergent.

  27. "Don't say check" is an interesting one. I was taught that it was proper etiquette to do so (as I'm sure it prevents a few illegal moves), but I haven't played in an OTB tournament except for a school chess club. I suppose it's none of my business if my opponent doesn't see it.

  28. Actually a couple of things here I didn't know. I've never played against a particularly malodorous opponent. As for my opponents, you'll have to ask them.

  29. If you have to promote to a piece other than Queen due to stalemate, where do you get one?

  30. When your vibrating buttplug device indicates bishop to D5, don’t squeal out loud in discomfort.

  31. XD chess rules are so pathetic. they really managed to take ALL of the fun out of the GAME…

  32. You should say check though. I saw a video where a guy put someone In check and then they put the other person In check. They had to call the arbiter and explain what happened. I don't know If he just didn't realize he was In check or trying to pull a fast one but It would cut down on confusion, I think.

  33. Hi Anna , what about the pin if the opponent didn't realize and moved the pinned peace !? , do you take the king or it count like an illegal move ? , and thanks for the info .

  34. You have THE LARGEST upper arch on any person I’ve seen. Beautiful chompers. Not sure what else is going on here. 😂

  35. Are you listening Dina?..
    Stop trash talking 11yr olds..

  36. The "no eat rule" made me think about a tournament we organised in my school when I was a student. My opponent brought a can of soda so he could drink during the game. So he put his can next to the clock and after he made one move, he pressed the can instead of the clock. 🤣

  37. Anna, I really suck at endgames with still a few pawns and few figures left.. In my recent game I was like +2 in the endgame but somehow ended up loosing without knowing how xD could you do a video about that?

  38. I am surprised you did not mention usage of phones. Also you should offer a draw while making your move, not during you or your opponent's turn. You should not offer a draw when you have a worse position, even if the position is a book draw (e.g. K+RP vs K) For contract bridge tournaments the list is twice as long. Great video Anna!

  39. 一本 IPPON! 始め HAJIME… [nihon 日本 Solar Truth! Let’s start…] 🎥
    ITADAKIMASU [戴きます + 頂きます Thanks, I receive (well)。]. 🎥
    yokushitsumi [抑止詰み。SHAKKI MATTI! “CM, le check+mate.”]。🎥🎥🎥 JAR

  40. The World Chess Championship is an exception to some of these rules? They're always walking around, making a move and walking away again

  41. Anna Cramling, a chess prodigy,

    A young talent, skilled and agile, you see,

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  42. Ruy Lopez advised players to ensure the sun will be in their opponents' eye. Thankfully we've moved on from that!

    I'd be terrible in street chess because touch move is always paramount. I can't stand it when people fiddle with the pieces. If they're very new, I'll try to be patient. Anyone else – please don't fiddle!

    On the touch move matter. Sometimes people will castle using both hands. In my limited experience of tournament play, this is illegal. Sometimes a player will move the Rook first. This is also bad. Castling is the King's move not the Rook's even though the Rook is involved. If you touch the Rook first, it becomes a move for the Rook.

  43. Why is it compulsory though to fill in your scoresheet? Or is it optional? Your rationale was that it was just to record the game for yourself.

  44. Thoughts on eating a pawn after a loss?

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