1,000,000 ELO MARTIN CHESS BOT!!!!!

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  1. Martin is really weird, just making people sick 🧐😅

  2. 13:36 why didn’t you go Qh4 am I missing something?

  3. That last minute reaction 😂😂😂

  4. Levy getting mad at literal bots made me smile

  5. Troy is Bässe on the everage 600ths who go to the gym and finish they day with super high power energy with 99% coffein

  6. Day 3 of asking Levy for pin of the fan

  7. apparantly reversed trash talk works better than actual trash talk. Imagine playing a player that kept saying I love you and such IRL.

  8. Only legends remember that one Duolingo bot that had 200 elo (less than Martin 🤯)

  9. Please make more videos about Paul Morphy, Levy.

  10. Y'all say his name like you know him personally. You all repeat the same comments every video for the last 3 years. Let me guess
    Click bait
    Levy or Gotham never Fails 600 times a video
    The stare.

    Y'all so lame
    Time to think of something original instead of seeing which comments got the most likes so you steal someone else's comments in hopes to get those same likes. 8======D

  11. voice lines compliments of application developers!!!!!

  12. i won against it
    had to use few takebacks tho

  13. Did the calculation, if Martin beat 120 presidents from the year 2024 and each president takes their term (def didn't use chat gpt) the year would be 2504. Martin is from 2504., but then he said he saw kingdoms and countries crumble for 1000 years, that would mean the the US collapsed in between 2024-2504.

  14. About society being doomed, yeah, unless big changes come along we might be. But if we're lucky, we could last for quite some time.

  15. well future people the thumbnail just got changed

  16. 25:10 If this is a reference to Baby Shark then I’m both an extreme genius and extremely embarrassed for knowing it.

  17. If you convert "uh oh" to a number using ASCII and multiply them, then his rating would be 1.271.760.076💀 (not considering the blank space)

  18. Did the kid-bot just say "Mom I'm being cyberbullied"🤣

  19. This bot bear me 10 times In a row I'm only rank 400 the I suck😢

  20. Levy keeps on verbally abusing the poor gen z streamer girl and then is all surprised to find out he is not on her list of favorite streamers. I WONDER WHY

  21. a<ewsöohintfg riolkjö mEWSJIUOKLJIKQULaewf rFDEAKJIOL KQODLjiaefjki FAED OLKJILO FDESAkol

  22. What's this crap? Cover Hans and Magnus winning Grenke!!!!

  23. Isla bot, literally asked "how many subscribers do you have" and i'm just imagining how wild would be his answer

  24. What happened to the state rating comments

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