1000000000000000000000000 ELO CHESS!!!!

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  1. i make longest comment



    Have a drink while u scroll:

    Also here’s some popcorn:

    Do I deserve or pin or nah?

    Cuz like….. my fingers are dead

    If this is not long, idk how y’all make them so long

    Cuz like….

    My fingers

    This took like an hour

  2. The position before Rxb3 would make for a great 5000 ELO chess puzzle.

  3. "The Modern Immortal Game" should be the name of this game and HAS to enter chess history.

  4. This game is something else, the first rook sacrifice was already crazy, but the queen sacrifice was so absolutely otherworldly. Thanks for sharing this beauty Gotham.

  5. united arab emirates? more like enslaving arab emirates.

  6. somehow, I guessed the rook move. not tryna blag, I'm arse at chess. but something about it felt right… probably down to the title and looking for the weirdest move in that position

  7. THIS is the chess we wanna see. Exploring the unknown territory leading to a unique postion that challenges the creativity of the player. THIS is chess !

  8. I hope you enjoyed this game 😁
    Get out of here ….👺

  9. I just played a 13 move game and got 100 accuracy. I played the Vienna opening (tha I have studied much)and my opponent bludered and hang mate in two

  10. this is how chess would be played today if people werent studying the engine all day… unfortunately this is the result of brain dead idiots studying the engine all day… welcome to chess.

  11. When you see this thumbnail of genius chess, then you see how dissapointed he looks in the opposite, 600 elo chess.

  12. Saleh salem is an absolute beast he has many many games like these against crazy good opps and i think he is able to cross 2700+ sooner or later

  13. I think its about time you change your theme or colors it has became stale and boring

  14. Levy I bet you can’t read the title out loud.

  15. When I (accidentally) sacrifice 2 rooks and a queen it always ends not like in that game(

  16. 20:28 "Mikhail Tal is, May he rest in peace, is looking down on this game and smiling; and smoking a cigarette in heaven!" – Legendary – This sacrifices of Rook and Queen are insane… and the facts the Fedoseev resigned on two Bishops and pawns… he saw it… O-M-G! It really did brighten up my day!

  17. "I completely open up the position and oil up the black king"
    – Levy Rizzman May 18th 2024 15:52

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this magnificant game with us all. This is a rare and unique masterpiece! Well done to both players!

  19. Golden boy his nickname and we all know by now why 😍😍😍 thanks Levy

  20. I love this video but please put more effort in knowing the name of the Arabic players. Use gpt or even write down the name in Google and see news or stuff that mentions the name in Arabic. It was frustrating hearing the name like that repeatedly.
    Take some time Levi to note the names of the foreign players. Love you from Egypt.

  21. I just watch the chess greatest mythical sacrifice

  22. Best game of 2024 so far i mean he sacs 2 rooks and a queen out of nowhere 🤨🤨

  23. yeah but when i do it its called a blunder…

  24. The Rook Rook Queen sack pawn checkmate ;D

  25. At this point, titling is getting really easy

  26. I’m just waiting for the day i get the pin of shame. 📌 i think this comment may finally do it: gothamchess is not GM material xD

  27. "I'm sorry. I probably named this video something ridiculous." I wish he would start every video with that statement.

  28. Mr. Salem must've read about the Dilaram problem right before this game.

  29. If I didn't know better, I'd say that was Tal as black too. Fantastic finish.

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