12-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Thought I’d Be Easy…

Whilst in New York City I played 12-year-old chess master Tani, who has beaten people such as Hikaru, Gothamchess and Botez. He is a Fide Master right now but has the strength of a much higher rated player. Read about Tani’s story here: Hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. this kid vs yousef is what we all want to see

  2. This must had already lived 35 years in a different life.

  3. He was so charming, he roasted you so slowly you while you both got to smile throughout! I really don't know chess but I know a nice kid when I see one! You didn't suck too bad either:)

  4. Viendo esto me he sentido un 2500 elo siendo un 1800 xd, nose como habeis podido jugar tan mal dios mio jajaja (no hate)

  5. You gotta LOVE this kid!! Not only extremely good but such a beautiful attitude and nice chemistry with Anna!!💕

  6. Dont know a thing about chess but still interestinf dynamics between players!

  7. One of my favourite kids so far. He will be a good human.

  8. At 2:41 noticed computer had white really high, looked at why. What about Nd5 at that moment? Pressures black queen, white Be4, if knight takes white Qe4 looking at the h7 quarding the d5 knight?

  9. The ego seems to take over many players even as children, this is unpleasant and sick.

  10. I wish someone would tell me how much is memorizing

  11. Anna is usually the relatively more pure hearted of the two players, but she has met her superior in truth, sincerity, and honesty here. This EXCELLENT YOUNG MAN could use some seasoning, but corruption and deceit are not stronger, just faster, easier, and more seductive.

    Anna's loss reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave, in Plato's Republic. The boy was speaking of the true forms of things in the light while Anna was insistent on the counting and measuring of shadows.

  12. I pray that parents see in their child their own child's passion and feed into it. Passion in children become their careers for their future; very successful futures. Parents, PAY ATTENTION!!

  13. Anna: -Do you now "Cow" opening?
    Kid: -No!
    Anna: -You are done!

  14. He is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️ go head buddy 💪🏾

  15. Am I mistaken or did Tani actually play reallllly poorly for someone about to become a GM?

  16. Que agradable niño, a diferencia del otro irritante 😂 Anna tú siempre dudando demasiado de tu ventaja 😅 siempre estuviste mucho mejor y dudar tanto te hizo cometer esos errores: / este juego estuvo loco es genial ver la barra del módulo a cada jugada 😊.

  17. He’s 12 but he sounds like a professor teaching a student when he talks. I’m 42 but I sound like a 12 year old…

  18. 2:40 night takes on d5 wins a piece after it attacks the queen forcing it to move then you just capture the free piece

  19. You played him twice already and he beats you here….why the title "thought I'd be easy?" Love your channel btw.

  20. I don't know the first thing about chess, but what good is it if after playing for years you can get beat by some kid?

  21. Why don’t country’s go to war by playing chess game and the winner takes all and shake hand.

  22. I love Tani and also the boy Yusuf that you played. Great kids with bright futures!

  23. Loved, loved, loved this match. What fun!

  24. I love the communication between them fun to watch there thought processing


  26. I looked this kid up, as of March 2024 Tanitoluwa "Tani" Adewumi's current FIDE rating is 2351, which is also his peak rating. Which means that – to nobody's surprise – his meteoric rise continues! How high will he go? Very high, I think. Looking forward to a long career in the sport from this charismatic young master and his exciting playstyle.

  27. very great boy playing for chess! hope him to be a grand master in the future!

  28. This smart little man is very open! this should be a role model for toddlers everywhere! Yes!

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